Dental Crowns in Yuba City

Dental Crowns in Yuba CityIf you are struggling with chipped or cracked teeth, then it may be time to consider dental crowns. These advanced devices can be used to improve your smile and protect your mouth from further damage. Creating and installing these devices takes just a few days, and they often last for years with the proper aftercare. Here is a closer look at how this procedure is carried out and few signs that it may be time to contact our dentist Yuba City to discuss your restorative treatment options.

What Is a Crown?

A dental crown is a small device that is made from resin, ceramic, metal, or porcelain. This device is sometimes called a “cap” because it encapsulates a damaged tooth. In addition to protecting a damaged tooth, a crown can also be used fill in a gap in one’s smile. After an implant has been anchored into the mouth, a crown will be attached directly to the top of it. Each crown is made custom at a specialized laboratory, and these devices look and feel just like natural teeth.

Is a Crown Right for Me?

Even though a dental crown can be highly effective, it isn’t the right choice for everyone. If you only have surface damage, then we might suggest the use of dental veneers. Instead of covering the entire tooth, veneers are simply attached to the front. A crown will most likely be a better option if you have a severe oral damage. Dental bonding and veneers will prevent decay and other forms of damage from spreading, but they are primarily designed to improve the appearance of one’s smile.

A Look at the Procedure

Installing these devices requires two separate dental exams at our office. During your first exam, our dentist Yuba city will determine how much damage has taken place. If our team decides that these devices are right for you, then we will need to remove some of your exterior enamel before making a mold of your teeth with special putty. That mold is going to be sent off to a nearby laboratory that will create the devices out of the material of your choice.

During the second exam, you will get to see your new smile for the first time. Once we are satisfied with the orientation and position of each crown, they are going to be cemented in place with a powerful bonding agent. Following the appointment, you must avoid chewing on hard objects to prevent any unwanted complications. You must also keep your mouth as clean as possible with impeccable oral hygiene habits.

How Long Do Crowns Last?

With the proper aftercare and a solid oral hygiene regimen, your crowns could last for well over a decade. During that time, you will need to schedule one or two dental exams every year so that our team can make sure the devices have settled properly and aren’t being damaged.

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