Invisalign at Your Yuba City Dentist

Sometimes, we need a little help in achieving a hundred watt smile. Whereas metal braces and other apparatus used to be the only ways to fix crooked teeth, we now have a much easier option: invisalign. This system of tooth adjustment is metal-free, instead relying on clear thermaplastic trays to reposition the teeth. These trays, called aligners, are custom-designed to fit your teeth and mouth, working with your existing positioning in a pain-free, barely visible way. Aligners are changed every two weeks, moving your teeth gradually over an average course of a year. However, some mild cases may need only use them for six months. This is a huge benefit over traditional metal braces, which take much longer, restrict hat foods you can eat, and often tear up the inside of the cheeks and lips. Visit your dentist Yuba City after thinking about if invisalign is right for you.

The Invisalign Process

After undergoing traditional dental exams, a mold will be made of your teeth. This painless process takes around ten minutes. From here, your dentist will send the molds to be used as a blueprint for creating unique invisalign trays. Once the trays arrive back, he/she will be able to insert them into your mouth. Some people may require attachments to secure the invisalign to their teeth. These clear bumps are clear, clean, and usually unable to be seen. Attachments work to focus on some specific teeth over others.

What to Expect After Getting Invisalign

Many wonder if invisalign will affect their speech the way traditional braces and orthodontic apparatus do. While some may experience a slight lisp or awkwardness for a day or so, speech will return to normal quickly, once the tongue becomes accustomed to the aligners. Another great benefit of invisalign is that, unlike traditional braces, they can be removed. It is typically recommended to keep them in the mouth as much as possible, but patients are able to remove them for meals and when brushing their teeth. Food is not restricted in general, as with braces, because the aligners can be removed. However, be sure not to drink hot beverages or eat hot soups while wearing invisalign, as the temperature can melt the plastic. It’s best for your treatment, especially if you want to finish wearing the aligners within the time frame predicted by your dentist, to keep them in as much as possible. Stick to the prescribed schedule and your results will begin to show in no time at all.

Caring for Your Teeth and Trays

After undergoing treatment, you have even more of a reason to pay extra special attention to your teeth and mouth. Be sure to brush your teeth each time after you eat. This includes cleaning the trays. Remember, you are wearing a piece of plastic in your mouth, and cleaning the tray after each meal or snack is crucial for preventing odor and ensuring proper oral hygiene.

Getting regular dental exams will allow your dentist in Yuba City to make the best recommendations for you. At Dhillon Dental, our ready and willing staff are here to help you achieve your best smile. (530) 446-6914